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Innovation / 30. August 2018

Natural dyeing

For fans of Germany everything had to be in red, gold and black at this year's World Cup. Even food was dyed and decorated in vivid Germany colors. This inspired Kündig's staff to develop a colorant that is 100% natural and gives a perfect and powerful red tone to a variety of food products.

Without additives

Kündig’s red vegetable powder consists of 100% high-quality vegetables without any artificial additives or dyes. For this reason it does not have to be declared by E-numbers. This is a crucial advantage in times of conscious food consumption in our modern society. Of course, the coloring vegetable powder can additionally be produced and ordered in organic quality.

Pure vegetables

As desired, the red vegetable powder from Kündig is made from ground paprika or tomatoes combined with beetroot. Due to the intense violet colorant betanin, the latter are ideal for dyeing food. Mixed with the rather orange tone of peppers or tomatoes, this produces a nice shade of red, which can be individually adjusted according to the customer’s wishes. In contrast to fresh vegetables the red vegetable powder is almost tasteless and can therefore be used for coloring a variety of food products..

Versatile in use

The red powder can be used very versatile due to the easy handling and individual control of the color. It is suitable both for the red coloring of food such as pasta, bread, cakes, biscuits, meat products or instant meals as well as liquids such as smoothies, fruit juices and marinades.

If you are interested in our new coloring solution, please contact us by phone on +49 36949 284 15 or by e-mail at info.de@kuendig.com. You will then be forwarded to the appropriate specialist.

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