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Our values

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We strive to exceed

Without advanced solutions, no customer can be satisfied. For a company as rich in tradition as Kündig, it is crucial to ensure the continuous improvement of processes and the development of innovative solutions. That is the only way we can redefine what quality and safety actually means in terms of food- and feedstuffs, and the only way we can raise the standards. We have set the bar high – to achieve total customer satisfaction.

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Our values define us

Sustainability means more than just ensuring the long-term success of our company. Above all, it means sharing responsibility for the environment and social justice. This applies not only to our products, but also to the way we treat other people and Mother Nature, as well as to the general behaviour within our company. For us, sustainability is a corporate value – one which we live by each day; one for which we as employers gladly bear the responsibility.

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Kündig Group: Unsere Werte: Tradition


Our history shapes us

Since 1920 we have been constantly growing as a family company. Today we are still living the values defined by our founders: honesty, respect, fairness and trust. Our business philosophy is based on those pillars. We are driven by our history and with 100 years of experience in food trading we continue to set the standards for the future. We started as honorable traders - and remained to be so.

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Our history - from 1896 until today


Willy Kündig is born in Zurich on the 12th of April. After completing school he becomes an apprentice at a large Zurich-based bank. He soon gives up his apprenticeship and provides himself with equipment for grain trade at Karr & Cie AG. Shortly thereafter Willy Kündig starts working independently as an inspector for trading goods at the swiss harbor of Sète in Southern France.


On the 10th of May Willy Kündig establishes the company Kündig & Kälin together with Erwin Kälin who soon leaves the business. The firm is continued as a new commercial partnership named W. Kündig & Cie.


Establishment of a subsidiary in Vienna. From there, Willy Kündig starts building the procurement markets in Eastern Europe. During the Second World War he is appointed advisor for the Department of Warfare Nutrition. This enabled him to obtain corn even through the battle lines in Eastern Europe. Many established contacts to Hungary, Poland and former Yugoslavia still exist to date.


Establishment of the Personnel Providence Fund of W. Kündig & Cie.


Willy Kündig meets his future wife Rosa Stürzinger. After the marriage they have two children: Beat Willy Kündig (*1952) and Brigitte Kündig (*1956).


Transformation of the limited partnership into W. Kündig & Cie AG.


The strong and amicable business relations of Willy Kündig remain through the turbulent post-war times. He receives the general agency over the Hungarian companies Agrimpex (grain), Mirelite (frozen foods) and Hungarofruct (dry products and tinned food).


Company founder Willy Kündig dies at the age of 76. His long-standing employee and friend Ferdinand Tobler takes over the management.


Establishment of the Willy Kündig foundation in Zurich as a supplement to the now state-owned Personnel Providence Fund.


Beat W. Kündig enters the company as a trained grain trader. He lays the foundation for the second generation.


The W. Kündig KFT is founded in Budapest after the collapse of the Eastern Bloc. Together with employees of the former state trading organisations Agrimpex, Mirelite and Hungarofruct the company takes over responsibility for quality control and procurement of goods in Hungaria.


Beat W. Kündig becomes CEO of the W. Kündig & Cie AG. His vision is to gain essential control over the entire supply chain of Kündig products - from plantation to delivery. Especially in regard to organic farming in Hungaria.


Expansion of organic expertise in Hungaria with the help of former leading Migros/Sana agronomist Dr. Andras Palasthy. Foundation of the Kündig Service KFT in Budapest (quality control, real estate and services).


Establishing of the Willy Kündig-Foundation in Budapest. It aims to further support organic farming in Hungaria by aiding the newly formed Biokultura and Biokontroll Hungária KFT and awarding grants.


Take over of the Tomato-Powder Company from H.J. Heinz & Co. in Kecskemet (later named Kündig Food KFT).


Formation of the W. Kündig GmbH Hamburg (frozen products).


Purchase of the first stake (20%) in BGM-Gruppe in Ritschenhausen.


Kündig KFT Kecskemét is sold to a Hungarian real estate investor. Ceasing of powder production due to market liberalization in Hungaria (EU accession).


W. Kündig & Cie AG takes over 80% of BGM-Gruppe. The company changes its name to Kündig Nahrungsmittel GmbH & Co KG. The associated BioSteril GmbH & Co. KG remains unchanged.


With Marc-Remo Kündig the third generation enters the family company. Establishment of Kündig China in Peking and the BTZ for production of German dried onions (Joint Venture).


Purchase of Interoma AG in Zurich (Import of medicinal plants, flavours, nuts etc.).


Full acquisition of the processing facilities for dry goods in Ritschenhausen, Germany.


Investment into production and quality control in Ritschenhausen. Construction of the Kündig Food Safety Tower (Kündig Nahrungsmittel GmbH & Co. KG) in Ritschenhausen.


Sandro Kündig enters the company.


Merger between BioSteril GmbH & Co. KG and the Kündig Nahrungsmittel GmbH & Co. KG. The name BIOSTERIL ® remains registered trademark of the Kündig Group. Restructuring of BIOSTERIL ® in view of the GMP recertification and doubling of the capacity for food sterilization. Strategic partnership with Bühler Uzwil in the field of sterilization technologies (ebeam).


Establishment of the Kündig Bio Agrarprodukte GmbH in Berlin.


Anniversary: 100 Years Kündig