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The Kündig Group

  • Kündig Group: Food Ingredients Supplier since 1920

    How do we turn a product into a benchmark for food quality and safety?

    This is the mission the Kündig Group has devoted itself to. We trust in modern technology, in careful processing and in the know-how of our teams. Our methods are unique on the market - just like our products.

  • Kündig Group: Unsere Werte: Nachhaltigkeit

    We set the standard for tomorrow’s food industry today

    We revolutionize the market with projects focussing on innovation and sustainability. Our success in the processing and refining of agricultural products is built on experience and technological advancement. So we can offer only the best products - today and tomorrow.

  • Kündig Group: Unsere Werte: Tradition

    With innovation we shape global food trading since 1920

    As an industry pioneer and forerunner for organically certified produce we stand for exceptional food quality and sustainable farming. Every day we raise our own aspirations to meet the aspirations of our customers.

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Facts & Figures

1920Founding year
55'000Tonnes of output
69%Organic products
Kündig Group: Zahlen & Fakten
Kündig Group: Zahlen & Fakten
Kündig Group: Zahlen & Fakten
Kündig Group: Zahlen & Fakten
Kündig Group: Zahlen & Fakten
Kündig Group: Zahlen & Fakten

Family business for one century

By establishing his grain company, Willy Kündig planted the seed for our value-oriented family company in Zurich, 1920. Today we are active on a global scale and offer an extensive range of services in the fields of processing and refining of agricultural products. We work closely with agricultural businesses and maintain long-standing partnerships built over one century of commercial activity.

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From A like apricot to Z like zucchini

Our portfolio ranges from dry goods and frozen food products to grain, pulses and feedingstuffs through to juices, super foods and plant-based proteins. We offer a number of production methods, we refine raw goods and process them into granulate or powder. In total Kündig provides a selection of around 10,000 Products.

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Verified quality and safety

We are convinced that certification is the most effective tool of our industry, to enable successful and fair economic activity worldwide. We are therefore constantly adjusting our business to strict quality criteria. We hold 30 certificates from governmental and independent testing institutes. Labels like EU Bio, Bio Suisse, Fairtrade, Demeter NOP, Kosher, Halal and ISO 22000 ensure the environmental security, quality and traceability of our Products.

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Trade, refinement, packaging and more

With the expansion of our service offering and product variety, our volume of goods has also steadily been growing. We offer storage services and thanks to our in-house logistics department, we are able to respond quickly to customer demand. In addition to trading and processing, we offer packaging and consultancy on private labels. With all services under one roof the Kündig Group generates 55,000 tonnes of output every year - controlled quality from producer to consumer.

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Engaged and international

We act on a global level and maintain cultivated long-term, partnership relations with customers, trade partners and service providers. Besides the headquarters in Switzerland we operate from offices in Germany, Hungary and China. Our 150 employees work in the fields of distribution, production, logistics, technology, quality control and more. Also we employ dedicated specialists for all our product groups. We combine an international employee base with know-how in a variety of areas.

Our Board of directors & Management

For man and nature

Since the 1970’s, we have been consistently expanding our proficiency in the organic sector. We cooperate with agricultural businesses and consult them over EU-Bio guidelines and the requirements of associations such as Bio Suisse and Bio Austria. Kündig Bio Agrarprodukte offers grain, feedingstuffs and legumes in unadulterated organic quality. With our brand Biosteril we also work in the area of natural steam sterilisation. Through sustainable cultivation and exact batch traceability, more than half of our product range is already 100 Percent Organic - with upward tendency.

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