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Sustainability / 5. October 2020

Kündig becomes a climate neutral company

In the course of the last few months, we at Kündig have been paying special attention to our CO2 emissions and the corresponding ecological footprint. In total, the Kündig Group leaves a CO2 footprint that corresponds to approximately four million car kilometers driven each year – in other words, almost 100 times around the world! As a sustainable company, we have teamed up with ClimatePartner to offset 1,342,116 kg of CO2 emissions. This makes Kündig a certified climate neutral company with immediate effect.

What does climate neutral mean?

Companies, processes, and products whose CO2 emissions are calculated and offset through support for internationally recognized climate protection projects are considered climate neutral. In addition to avoidance and reduction, offsetting CO2 emissions is another important step in holistic climate protection. We fully offset the emissions of our business activities through climate protection projects. ClimatePartner supports us in calculating, reducing, and offsetting CO2 emissions.


  • Determination of CO2 emissions
    ClimatePartner has recorded the relevant CO2 emission sources of our company. The analysis and annual update of our balance sheet enable us to implement and control the measures with which we can further avoid and reduce CO2.
  • Compensation of CO2 emissions with climate protection project
    Climate protection projects reduce CO2 emissions – for example through reforestation measures. By supporting the Forest Protection Project, Portel, Brazil, we are offsetting 1,342,116 kg of greenhouse gases. All ClimatePartner projects are certified according to the highest international standards and are verified by independent third parties.
  • Transparent CO2 compensation
    Our climate neutrality is transparently traceable through the ClimatePartner process with an ID number: At https://www.climatepartner.com/14344-2008-1002 you will find the certificate of our climate neutrality with all information about how much CO2 has been offset by the company and which climate protection project we support.

Kündig Group: Portel, Brasilien

Sustainability at Kündig

With the climate neutrality of our company we support the climate protection project Forest Protection, Portel, Brazil. We also support the achievement of global sustainability goals, such as fighting poverty or improving living conditions in emerging and developing countries. By offsetting our corporate emissions, we are committing ourselves to climate protection and underscoring our commitment to sustainability.

Sustainability requires more than just securing the long-term success of a company. It is much more about ecological responsibility and social justice. This applies to our products, the way we treat people and the environment, and the general attitude within the company. For us, sustainability is a corporate value that is lived and for which we as a company and employer bear responsibility.

See for yourself

By offsetting our corporate emissions, we are committed to climate protection and underline our commitment to sustainability. The label “climate neutral” and our certificate with ID number guarantee transparency: You can track the offsetting of CO2 emissions via our ID and receive information on the climate protection project: https://www.climatepartner.com/14344-2008-1002.

The TÜV-Austria-certified process of ClimatePartner stands for security and credibility in climate protection. You can also find the certificates in the download area on our homepage.