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Innovation / 13. October 2016

Kündig shines in a new light

A new logo – an umbrella brand as the hallmark of all corporate members of the Kündig Group – will be launched in the coming months. An initial impression of the redesign:

The message is as simple as it is clear: “We are Kündig!” Our new logo, with the family name and claim accompanied by a reduced-size figurative trademark, stands as the umbrella brand for all divisions and subsidiary companies of the Kündig Group. It also expresses a uniform corporate philosophy. The precise individual company names, with their various legal appendages such as “& Cie AG” or “GmbH & Co. KG”, have been relegated to the fine print in matter intended for the public. Of paramountcy is simply KÜNDIG. And below it in a smaller font, the descriptor: “Food Ingredients Supplier”. The stylised spike of grain, which previously was centred, has been shifted to the left of the lettering and is now captured within two eye-catching concentric circles. This element underscores the long-standing tradition of the company and makes the new logo stand out amongst its predecessors in the annals of Kündig. A strong, self-confident appearance.

Style-conscious from day one

Kündig logos have always been rather precocious in their day and age. Spikes of grain have graced the logo ever since the first one was designed in the early ’20s. It featured Art Deco style elements and was considered quite avant-garde for its time. When Kündig was converted to a limited partnership in 1924, the company was given a new logo with a garland of grain surrounding the word “Zurich”. A later version, created in the ’40s, featured a single spike of grain and the initials “WK” – it was simpler, understated. And this concept was retained in the modernised designs introduced in 1991 and 2007. Yet the spike became more stylised and considerably broader as the years passed, in reflection of the company’s bolder presence.

Demonstrating quality consciousness

Demonstrating quality consciousness “Over the past decade, Kündig has evolved from a trading company to become more of a produce processer,” explains Marc-Remo Kündig, Head of Marketing & Communication. “Technology has become an increasingly important factor and it reinforces our competence as a quality leader in trading as well as production. This should become more evident to the public with our new umbrella brand.” The brand symbolises the company’s values and the quality consciousness that stems from those values, three in particular: tradition, innovation and sustainability. The new logo was conceived by 4th motion in Unterhaching near Munich, Germany; the firm refers to itself as an «Agency for progressive design». The font used in the logo is called Manifold, which was created in 2014 by American typographer Connary Fagan in Salt Lake City, Utah. The remodelled logo will be introduced step-by-step in the coming months, whereas its online presence will debut already in the autumn of 2016. By early 2017, the full brand concept should be anchored throughout the Kündig Group.