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Sustainability / 6. September 2017

Alternative Proteins – Sunflower Family

Vegetarian and vegan food is becoming increasingly important, whether it be animal welfare, health, carbon footprint or sustainability. However, in the case of a reduction or complete elimination of the consumption of animal products, the question arises of alternative protein sources to ensure a balanced diet. In the search for environmentally-friendly alternatives to soya, Fabian and Nicole Breisinger together with Oliver Schenkmann discovered sunflower seeds as protein suppliers a few years ago. The products of their company "Sunflower Family" help to enable a healthy, sustainable and plant-based diet.

Their innovative product Heliaflor® Crisps Schnetzel are high-quality organic plant protein extrudates from sunflower protein, which can be used as meat substitutes, especially for meat-free minced meat dishes due to their savoury nutty flavor. In addition, they have created matching spice mixture for three classic minced meat dishes: sunflower bolognese, mushroom pan and chilli sin carne.

Heliaflor® Crisps Cereal are also bio plant protein extrudates, but they are composed of 75% sunflower protein and 25% rice flour. Due to their naturally sweet taste and special consistency, they are suited perfectly for protein enrichment in the cereal and snack area.

The various protein powders from sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds or wheatgrass in the Sunflower Family range are high-quality, healthy and versatile. They are a valuable addition to your protein shake, your smoothie, a colourful smoothie bowl, a muesli, or for a yoghurt or salad.

All Sunflower Family are free from soy, animal products and artificial ingredients. The proteins in various forms are produced in organic quality and are produced without any additives or GMO. And because, they are free of lactose, gluten and soy so no problems with intolerances or allergies arise.

Each of the plant proteins contains all essential amino acids. They are produced using the gentle process Kryonert®, which protects the products and preserves the various valuable protein structures, vitamins, minerals and secondary plant substances. In this way, they differ from all conventional protein products. Hence, Sunflower Family products represent a real alternative to soy.

You can find our range of plant based proteins here:
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