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General / 23. November 2021

FDA Approved: 5-Log-Validation for Biosteril® treated nuts

Biosteril® relies on validated and FDA-approved germ reduction for nuts

With the FDA-approved 5-log sterilization process, Biosteril® offers maximum food safety for all customers who have to treat their nut products according to the strict requirements of the US market as well as for all others who demand maximum product quality.

Nuts: A healthy food trend on the rise

From spreads, oils and pastes to chocolate, baked goods and salad mixes: Nuts such as almonds, pistachios and co. are now used in large volumes, raw or roasted, in a wide variety of foods. For a long time they were considered calorie bombs, but now they are considered true nutritional wonders – packed with minerals, vegetable protein and vitamins. Thanks to these positive properties, as well as the trend toward more vegan diets, nuts have been gaining in importance among consumers and also food manufacturers in recent years. As a result, food safety in this area has also become an important issue in the food industry. Nuts are processed in an agricultural environment where infestation by pathogenic microorganisms is almost inevitable. Harmful bacteria can cause foodborne illnesses from E. coli and Salmonella. The certified Biosteril® 5-log process offers a blend of maximum reduction of germs with maximum protection of the product to ensure continued best possible quality.


The following nuts are available from Biosteril® according to FDA Log-5 validated germ reduction process:

  • Walnuts
  • Hazelnuts
  • Pistachios
  • Almonds

Kündig Group:

Rising requirements in food safety

If pathogenic microorganisms are not detected in time, the entire distribution chain of a product can be affected. This, in turn, can lead to product recalls and significant image damage. Following outbreaks of foodborne illness deaths associated with the consumption of raw almonds, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) enacted a law in 2007 requiring that the safety of almond consumption be improved. Almonds must be treated with a process that results in a 4-log reduction. Beyond these legal requirements, the industry itself often imposes stringent requirements on manufacturers and importers. To meet these requirements and minimize risks for customers and consumers, Biosteril® utilizes a certified 5-log process.

Delicate germ reduction for maximum quality

Biosteril® uses a particularly gentle process to ensure that the important properties of nuts such as taste, nutritional value and appearance are retained. Specific care is taken to ensure that no quality changes such as discolouration occur and that the natural flavour is retained. The Biosteril® 5-Log process offers a blend of maximum reduction of germs and, thanks to minimal processing of the nuts, continued best possible quality. To date, the process has been validated for almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, walnuts and their semi-finished products for a 5-log level of reduction of salmonella contamination on nuts validated.


In connection with the degermination process, we offer all services from a single source upon request. From procurement of the nut raw material, logistics, sterilization and analysis by our accredited laboratory to packaging, vacuuming and labeling of the treated nut products. We also offer warehousing and delivery to your plant in production batches. For further information please feel free to contact us at any time.

Keeping up with trends: Biosteril® offers forward-looking processes

The 5-log sterilization process is just one of the many efforts we undertake on behalf of food safety. Every year, Kündig sterilizes several thousands of tons of herbs, spices, dried vegetables and pharmaceutical ingredients using our natural processes. Since the start of the business division in 1994, Biosteril® has become the market leader in this segment. With the two Kündig Food Safety Towers® https://kuendig.com/der-zweite-kuendig-food-safety-tower-in-betrieb/, for example, Kündig is setting new standards in raw material cleaning for the entire industry.


For more information on Biosteril® products and services, visit https://kuendig.com/dienstleistungen/biosteril.