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General / 15. May 2024

BIOSTERIL® – Your expert for gentle germ reduction


BIOSTERIL® has been successfully operating germ reduction plants in Ritschenhausen, Thuringia, since 1994. With our innovative vacuum-steam-vacuum process, we can reduce the bacterial count in dried food raw materials by several orders of magnitude in a natural and gentle way. This also enables controlled pasteurization of organically grown products.

Our services include

  • Reduction of the total bacterial count to highly safe levels
  • Destruction of pathogenic germs
  • Elimination of mold and yeast
  • Killing of insects, larvae & eggs

Furthermore, we offer additional services such as grinding, packaging, cleaning, homogenizing, cutting and storage protection treatment to meet your individual requirements. At BIOSTERIL® we are proud to be the market leader and have extensive experience in achieving an optimal result while preserving the sensory properties of your products. Every year, we successfully reduce germs in several thousand tons of tea, seeds, herbs, spices, dried mushrooms, dried vegetables and pharmaceutical raw materials. Our precise coordination of temperature and pressure parameters enables customized sterilization that precisely meets the needs of our customers.

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The BIOSTERIL® technical centre with a pilot plant for pre-test sizes and developments enables us to carry out sample sterilization and select the right parameters, even for sensitive and valuable products. This offers our customers maximum safety and reliability. We will be happy to prepare a sample sterilization for you and develop the optimum treatment program for your products.

Quality and safety have top priority at BIOSTERIL®. We are therefore proud to be GMP-certified (Good Manufacturing Practice), which stands for hygiene and safety standards from the pharmaceutical industry. As a declared quality leader, we consciously opt for the highest certification in order to meet the constantly growing requirements in terms of hygiene and safety. With our manufacturing license for herbal medicinal products, we are a valued partner for the phytopharmaceutical industry.

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BIOSTERIL® offers a gentle and natural treatment with pure steam, which enables us to treat even sensitive and high-quality products tailored to your needs. Our many years of experience and state-of-the-art processing facilities guarantee maximum safety and efficiency. We sterilize the following products as standard:

CO2 – pressure disinfestation: a fast, natural and pollutant-free treatment method that is also approved for biological products and enables stock protection shortly before shipping.

PH3 – Storage protection treatment: A process approved under emission protection legislation for the cost-effective storage protection treatment of dried foodstuffs, which is particularly suitable for conventional foodstuffs.

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Our team of specialists will be happy to provide you with a free consultation. We also offer you a sample sterilization optimally tailored to your product, including before and after analysis from an accredited laboratory. Your request will be sent to our server in encrypted form via https to protect your privacy. Further information on data protection and revocation notices can be found in our privacy policy.

Rely on BIOSTERIL® for gentle and highly effective germ reduction of your valuable products!

More about BIOSTERIL® in our video: