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Kündig Group: Kündig Foot Safety Tower

Raw Produce Processing

As a specialised refining centre, we are at your side with comprehensive system solutions and cleaning methods for your raw and semi-finished goods. In addition to the complete cleaning of produce, we also offer our experience and production facilities for contract processing.

Foreign matter management

Kündig has various means for the optimal sorting and cleaning of raw produce. In the Kündig Food Safety Tower®, the goods are inspected for intrinsic and extrinsic foreign matter. The Tower itself it more than 3 stories high and combines traditional methods with state-of-the-art technologies within a secure closed circuit.

Flow Chart Kündig Food Safety Tower ®

Kündig Group: KFST - Flowchart

Kündig Food Safety Tower ® – At a glance

  • Perfect interaction: Leading-edge laser and radiographic technologies guarantee purity and product safety.

  • Closed system: From goods receipt to packaging the KFST® guarantees maximum product safety due to the closed system.

  • Modern sieving technique: State-of-the-art sieving techniques ensure pinpoint accuracy of fractioning process.

  • Transmission via stainless steel: Produce transmission via stainless steel eliminates the contamination risk.

The following services are included in our standard offering

  • Granulating

  • Grinding / pulverising

  • Mixing / homogenising

  • Rosting

  • Stock protection

  • Biosteril Natural Steam sterilisation

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