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Innovation / 4. October 2019

Opening of Europe’s most up-to-date germ reduction center

At the production site in Ritschenhausen (Thuringia) the Kündig Group has carried out an extensive modernization of the Biosteril® plants and premises in the last two years. A new production concept and larger autoclaves enable a doubling of the volume capacity in natural steam sterilization. However, it was not only the efficiency of operations that could be improved, the quality management system also underwent significant enhancements. The production processes and infrastructure meet the highest quality assurance requirements of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).

An investment in food safety

Under the Biosteril® brand Kündig annually degerms several thousand tons of herbs, spices, dried vegetables and active pharmaceutical ingredients using a natural vacuum-steam-vacuum process. The process also enables the germ reduction of organically grown products as well as delicate and price-intensive foods. Biosteril® has become the market leader since the start of the operating division in 1994. The gentle and natural approach of reducing germ counts in raw dried materials is in great demand. The reason for this are the increasing standards of the food industry concerning the quality and safety of food ingredients.

The reconstruction included a redesign of the production processes. The processing steps have been arranged in the form of an arc, which significantly improved the efficiency of the material flow. Various digitization measures, such as a fully automatic packaging robot, reduce the physical work of the employees and contribute to improved flow times. Production processes are separated by sluices to ensure safety and hygiene. Sterilization involves two new and modern autoclaves with which volume capacities have been significantly increased.

Kündig Group: Innovation

Proven partner of the phytopharmaceutical industry

The modern production concept and infrastructure at Biosteril® comply with the strict rules of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). «At Kündig, we focus specifically on GMP certification in order to meet the constantly growing customer requirements with regard to hygiene and safety. Especially when it comes to the phytopharmaceutical industry, our many years of experience in the gentle saturated steam treatment of dried raw materials is an advantage», says Marc-Remo Kündig, Managing Director of Biosteril®. GMP is particularly important in the production of pharmaceutical products, where deviations in quality can have a direct impact on consumer health.

A pilot unit for pre-trial measurements and developments

The Biosteril® pilot unit, a laboratory for pretest sizes and developments, has been equipped with a new pilot plant. The small-scale autoclave makes it possible to carry out sample sterilization in order to find the right parameter selection even for delicate and valuable products. The optimal treatment program for each raw material is carefully determined. This procedure offers the customer a germ reduction tailored to their needs and provides maximum safety and efficiency.

Also the media have shown great interest in the Biosteril® modification. Read more about it here.

Kündig Group: Innovation