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Innovation / 26. April 2019

Microbiologically safe – low-bacteria products

Whether it be baby food, tea, cosmetics, spices, pharmaceutical ingredients or other products, microbial contamination can pose a major health risk. The protection against infection by harmful microorganisms is therefore an important part of modern food processing. Germ counts in products must be precisely controlled in each individual production step in order to be able to reduce them to a minimum in the final product. This can only be achieved, however, if all players in the value chain give this aspect top priority.

Natural steam sterilisation: maximum safety and product quality

There are various methods for sterilising food and pharmaceutical products. Treatment with saturated steam is the most efficient natural method. In an airtight autoclave, pathogens in the products are killed using hot steam injection. These steam injections penetrate dried food and pharmaceutical products so that pasteurisation occurs. The gentle use of steam ensures that product characteristics such as colour, taste and oil content are largely preserved, which guarantees high quality. This makes the process very popular, especially for organically grown products.

Wide range of applications: safe products from tea to cosmetics

Because of the sensitive immune systems of small children and the sick, their food must be monitored particularly closely with regard to microbial contamination. In addition, there are some foods which pose a high risk in terms of their methods of use or preparation. These include, for example, herbal or fruit ingredients of teas as they are often prepared with lukewarm instead of boiling water. Even cosmetics whose ingredients have not previously been treated to reduce germ count are a danger to the sensitive skin structure and can even lead to skin injuries. Spices with microbial contamination are especially problematic if used with perishable or raw products and lead to a shorter durability of the products. Nuts and seeds, which are often eaten raw or mixed with dairy products, also pose a health risk if no optimum germ reduction treatment is carried out.

Kündig Group:

Increased storage stability: qualitative, sustainable and durable

In addition to their health benefits, low-bacteria products offer a whole range of other advantages. For example, germ reduction can increase storage stability and prevent loss of quality due to microbial spoilage. In addition, germ-reducing measures to comply with various standards in the food industry are essential.

Food safety for today and tomorrow: GMP certificate & digitalisation

Following the investment of just under five million euros, our Biosteril® business unit is state of the art and the most modern sterilisation centre in Europe.
With the Biosteril® brand, Kündig is the market leader in the sterilisation of dried food raw materials and pharmaceutical active ingredients. As a pioneer in steam sterilisation, we have more than 25 years of experience. This knowledge enables us to offer tailor-made solutions using precise temperature and pressure parameters. At our unique pilot plant, we develop individual sterilisation parameters for your products. With the new packaging robot, we are also now able to efficiently fill industrial packaging according to customer specifications.
If you are interested in visiting our new facilities in person, please contact us by completing the following contact form. We will also be exhibiting at Vitafoods Europe in Geneva from 7 to 10 May. You are welcome to visit us at exhibition stand C137!