Heinz Wunderlin

CEO / Sales

Heinz Wunderlin has worked for the Kündig Group since 1988. Before joining the company, he spent several years training as an international grain trader with a multinational company in the United States andthe United Kingdom. As CEO, he is responsible for operations in Switzerland and Hungary. FUrthermore, he is also in charge of purchasing and distribution for the entire Group.




Board of Directors & Management

Board of Administration

Kündig Governance: Beat Kündig Profilbild Beat W. Kündig Chairman
Kündig Governance: Walter Stürzinger Profilbild Walter Stürzinger Executive Vice Chairman
Kündig Governance: Nicole Kündig Profilbild Nicole Kündig Member
Kündig Governance: Bruno Höltschi Profilbild Bruno Höltschi Member
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Kündig Governance: Heinz Wunderlin Profilbild Heinz Wunderlin CEO / Sales
Kündig Governance: Sandro Kündig Profilbild Sandro Kündig Deputy CEO / Sales
 Profilbild Alain Wegmüller CFO
Kündig Governance: Marc Kündig Profilbild Marc-Remo Kündig Marketing & Communication
Kündig Gruppe: Food Ingredients Supplier since 1920 Profilbild Simon Wendland Sales
Kündig Governance: Stefan Birzele Profilbild Stefan Birzele Managing Director Production
Kündig: Mario Gabler Profilbild Mario Gabler Managing Director
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